Monday, October 24, 2005

Best & Worst airlines

A college of mine was in JFK airport waiting a flight. While he sent an email to AskMeNow asking what are the top worst airlines in the world. He received this incredible answer:

Best Airlines overall:

1. Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong
2. Qantas Airways, Australia
3. Emirates, Dubai
4. Singapore Airlines, Singapore
5. British Airways, United Kingdom
6. Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia
7. Thai Airways, Thailand
8. Qatar Airways, Qatar
9. Asiana Airlines, South Korea
10. ANA All Nippon Airways, Japan

Closest match for worst rated airlines:

WORST ANTIQUATED AIRLINE: Afghanistan's Ariana Airlines. Called "Scariana" by many, it's the only airline with more planes crashed on the ground than flying in the air. Be prepared for ancient 727s with half the seats missing. Upside: legroom.

WORST AIRLINE, PERIOD: Pakistani International Airlines. A true Third World experience. Runaway snack carts; passengers eating spaghetti with their hands; and the crew gathering in back to smoke cigarettes as the plane comes in for landing.

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