Wednesday, October 19, 2005

About BlackBerry

A few years ago that exists in the market a device called BlackBerry. Blackberry, called usually by users Black or BB, is an electronic mobile device similar as a mobile phone that is useful to a user to do calls, to send emails, to manage his address book of contacts and view his calendar to plan appointments or meetings.
The Blackberry device uses GPRS network to communicate with the carrier and then interactuate with the Blackberry Infrastructure. These features let user to receive his corporate emails through a Blackberry Enterprise Server, and receive mails with his personal mail account via Blackberry Internet Service.

I thing that this type of devices are a revolution concept of communication. Now the email is a basic way to communicate each other around the world, and then if we could export thid feature outside the office and outside of our desktops of home, we have the global communication immediatly around the world.

Research In Motion is the company responsible of that network, of this technology and this devices. Is a canadian company that now is having some problems abot the patents that BlackBerry system use with the US authorities.

There are a lot of models of BlackBerry Handhelds and Business Phones. I have a BlackBerry 7290 that has these aspect:

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