Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top 10 Universidades (by QS)

Si ayer presentaba el ranking de las mejores universidades según Webometrics, hoy posteo el ranking del Top 10 de las mejores universidades según QS. En concreto este ranking se denomina The QS World University Rankings.


1. Cambridge

2. Harvard

3. Yale

4. College London
5. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
6. Oxford
7. Imperial College London
8. Chicago
9. California Institute of Technology
10. Princeton

El ranking Top Universities by QS se publica cada mes de Octubre y según ellos mismo es:
"The QS World University Rankings are a league table of the world’s top universities embracing aspects of research quality, teaching quality, graduate employability and internationalisation to give a range of stakeholders, in particular prospective students, a simple tool to shortlist universities in which they may be interested."

Los Key Benefits del QS World University Rankings:
1. Provides an accessible tool to help prospective international students
shortlist potential destination universities
2. Provides a counterpoint to other evaluations of international universities
3. Provides a rudimentary map of the international higher education
landscape, which can and has been used as a component in both
institutional and governmental strategic decision making

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