Sunday, December 06, 2009

RACI matric (by ITIL)

En ITIL se define la denominada RACI Matrix.

Básicamente la Matriz RACI es un sistema formal de establecer el rol de cada uno de los participantes de las múltiples partes involucradas en un proyecto/servicio para establecer sus funciones:

Para recordar las siglas RACI:
R - Responsible – Who is responsible for actually doing it?
A - Accountable – Who has authority to approve or disapprove it?
C - Consulted – Who has needed input about the task?
I - Informed kept) – Who needs to be kept informed about the task?

De esta forma es posible repartir los roles de las siguientes formas:

We are doing it (Multiple Responsibles is possible)
The Golden rule (Only one Accountable for each task)
We know/share (Communication flows both ways – Consulted)
Want to know (One way only. Keep them, well… Informed)

Así para crear un esquema RACI -> Steps to build a RACI Chart:
• Identify the activities
• Identify the functional roles
• Assign the RACI codes
• Identify any gaps or overlaps – for example, where are two As or no Rs
• Distribute the chart, incorporate feedback
• Reach agreement with all involved stakeholders
• Ensure ...

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