Friday, December 11, 2009

20 Year Usenet Timeline (by Google)

En el 2001 Google publicó un interesantísimo 20 Year Usenet Timeline que quiero transcribir a continuación con los hechos más importantes en el mundo informático de 1981 a 2001:

11 May 1981 Oldest Usenet article in the Google Groups Archive
May 1981 First mention of Microsoft
Jun 1981 A logical map of Usenet when it was still small
Jun 1981 First mention of Microsoft MS-DOS
Aug 1981 First review of the IBM-PC
Oct 1981 TCP/IP Digest #1
Mar 1982 First mention of MTV
Apr 1982 First mention of Sun Microsystems
Jun 1982 First mention of Star Wars Episode 6
Jul 1982 First mention of a compact disc
Aug 1982 First mention of the Commodore 64
Aug 1982 First mention of Apple's Lisa and Macintosh products
Nov 1982 Early reference to emoticons
Dec 1982 Announcement of first cell phone deployment in Chicago
Dec 1982 First thread about AIDS
Feb 1983 Rob Pike's first prank as Bimmler
Feb 1983 First "Me too" post
Feb 1983 First mention of Michael Jordan
Feb 1983 First mention of a Fax machine
May 1983 First mention of Church of the SubGenius
Jul 1983 Earliest Usenet posting statistics
Jul 1983 First mention of Madonna
Aug 1983 Early Usenet survey and its results
Sep 1983 Stallman's announcement of GNU
Nov 1983 First mention of Microsoft Windows
Jan 1984 First reference to Apple's Super Bowl commercial
Feb 1984 Microsoft needs wizards
Apr 1984 The kremvax hoax
May 1984 For C hackers: Tom Duff presents "Duff's Device"
Jul 1984 First mention of Bill Clinton
Aug 1984 First mention of the Commodore Amiga
Sep 1984 Rob Pike's and Bruce Ellis' first prank as Mark V. Shaney
Jan 1985 First discussion of the Y2K problem
Apr 1985 First discussion about "New Coke"
Jan 1986 First mention of the Challenger tragedy
Feb 1986 First mention of the MIR space station
May 1986 First thread about the Chernobyl meltdown
Jul 1986 First mention of Cisco
Sep 1986 Gene Spafford's comments on the Great Renaming
Sep 1986 First mention of the term IPO
Jan 1987 Announcement of UUNET
Mar 1988 First mention of the term 'search engine'
Nov 1988 First warning about the Morris Internet Worm
Nov 1988 Thread about how the Internet Worm worked
Jan 1989 Brad Templeton's "Imminent death of net predicted"
Feb 1989 First mention of Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Mar 1989 First discussion of cold fusion
Jun 1989 First post about Tiananmen Square massacre
Jun 1989 Brad Templeton announces ClariNet - the first "dot com"
Sep 1989 First mention of AOL
Sep 1989 First mention of The Simpsons
Oct 1989 First post in alt.hypertext
Oct 1989 First post about San Francisco earthquake
Nov 1989 First post from Berlin after the wall came down
Nov 1989 First Make Money Fast post
Dec 1989 Early post by BIFF
Mar 1990 Discussion of raid on Steve Jackson Games
Jul 1990 Announcement of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Jul 1991 The kremvax exists!
Aug 1991 Tim Berners-Lee's announcement of the World Wide Web project
Aug 1991 Mike Godwin formalizes Godwin's Law
Sep 1991 Announcement of Internet Gopher
Oct 1991 Linus Torvalds' Linux announcement
Dec 1991 Early post to alt.religion.kibology by Kibo
Jan 1992 Famous debate between Andy Tanenbaum and Linus Torvalds
Apr 1992 Thread about Rodney King verdict and resulting LA riots
May 1992 First post from an AOL account
May 1992 Thread about Johnny Carson's last Tonight Show
Jun 1992 First BOFH post
Jul 1992 Terry Pratchett's first post on

Mar 1993 Marc Andreessen's Mosaic announcement
May 1993 First mention of Britney Spears
Apr 1993 Gene Spafford's farewell post
Aug 1993 First mention of Osama bin Laden
Oct 1993 Douglas Adams' first post on adams
Jan 1994 Instance of first mass spamming
Apr 1994 Instance of first commercial mass spamming (more on spam history)
Jun 1994 Thread about televised O.J. Simpson arrest
Jun 1994 Announcement of WebCrawler launch
Aug 1994 Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is hiring
Sep 1994 First thread about the show "Friends"
Oct 1994 Marc Andreessen's Netscape announcement
Dec 1994 First hoax alert about "Good Times"
Dec 1994 Early mentions of Yahoo! and Lycos
Feb 1995 First mention of the Taliban
May 1995 First mention of DejaNews
Sep 1995 eBay founder Pierre Omidyar advertises new auctioning service
Dec 1995 Announcement of AltaVista launch
Mar 1998 First mention of Google
May 1998 First mention of Mac OSX
Feb 2001 Google acquires Deja archive
11 Sep 2001 First thread after terrorist attacks (Second, Third, Fourth)
11 Dec 2001 Google offers 20-year Usenet Archive

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