Wednesday, February 10, 2021

No Surprises, The Bends, Climbing Up The Walls (by Radiohead - live in Barcelona 1997)

En el post de hoy os muestro unas inéditas imágenes del concierto de Radiohead de Mayo 1997 en Barcelona, así como unas entrevistas que se realizaron meses después en Estocolmo (Suecia).

En concreto las tres canciones son: No Surprises, The Bends y Climbing Up The Walls

Radiohead - Live in Barcelona 1997-05 (Chewed Tapes)

Broadcasted by swedish TV-show Musikbyrån in 1997. First a small competition, then concert footage. Live tracks are from Barcelona in may 1997 (it is unclear if these are from the first or second show). Interview filmed in Stockholm, Sweden 1997-11-05.

I had to use Youtubes weird blur-thing to get rid of a music video. But you can still hear what Ed says in the background.

No Surprises
The Bends
Climbing Up The Walls

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