Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Vídeo: Cómo mantenerse concentrado cuando trabajas desde casa (by Thomas Frank) #trabajarencasa #WFH #focalizarse #concentrarse #comoconcentrarse

A continuación is dejo con un interesante vídeo de un tal Thomas Frank que explica "Cómo mantenerse concentrado cuando trabajas desde casa":

Working From Home: How to Stay Focused (by Thomas Frank)

When you work from home, you work near all your favorite distractions - your personal computer, game consoles, family, favorite snacks, and more. Plus, home just often doesn't feel like a good "work" spot. It can be hard to get started.

But what if you HAVE to work from home - like many of us do right now? In this video, I'll share a process that will help you stop procrastinating, pick a task, and stay focused on it.

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