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Vídeo de la evolución del robot Optimus by Tesla #optimus #tesla #andar #caminar #velocidad

 A continuación un curioso vídeo en el que se muestra la evolución del robot de Tesla Optimus, que ya es capaz de andar a 0,6 metros por segundo.

Parece que la evolución de Optimus by Tesla ha sido incrementar su velocidad un 30%, y que el objetivo es que sea capaz de andar a 8 km por hora...

Elon Musk Shares Video of Tesla Robot Optimus Taking a Walk (by DPCcars)

Más información en Tesla shares more footage of Optimus walking improvements (by Teslarati)

Elon Musk recently posted a video on his X account that quickly became a hot topic online. In the video, he showed a humanoid robot named "Optimus" moving around a laboratory. Musk titled the post "Optimus strolling around the lab," and it has already attracted over 70 million views.

The footage, lasting one minute and 18 seconds, captures Optimus walking independently, without needing any help. For the first time, viewers can see the robot making turns to both the right and left as it walks. This is a new development, highlighting advancements in the robot's mobility that were previously not demonstrated.

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