viernes, mayo 10, 2024

Primer vídeoclip musical realizado con Sora de OpenAI: Washed Out “The Hardest Part” #Sora #video #videoclip #music #WashedOut

Vía Rebel Intel de Fernando Polo, a continuación os traigo el primer videoclip musical realizado integramente con la tecnología de Sora. El videoclip se titula The Hardest Plan y forma parte del álbum Notes from a quiet life de la banda Whashed Out. El álbum se lanzará el 28 de Junio, pero la banda está aprovechando las espectaculares capacidades del software de OpenAI Sora para promocionarse!!!

El vídeo musical lo ha realizado Paul Trillo para esta banda llamada Washed Out que, básicamente está formada por Ernest Weatherly Greene Jr. como cantante y compositor natural de Perry (Georgia - USA).

Washed Out “The Hardest Part”

Washed Out "The Hardest Part" from Paul Trillo on Vimeo.

A trip and a fall down memory lane.

"The Hardest Part" is from Washed Out's new album "Notes From a Quiet Life" out June 28th.

This is the first official commissioned music video collaboration between a music artist and filmmaker made with OpenAI's Sora video model.

Moving on is the hardest part. This video is about learning to let go of a loved one and dreaming of them after they are gone. But memories are subjective, distorted mirrors of reality. For this, I leaned into the hallucinations and Sora's dream logic to explore memories that never existed. I was interested in the surreal qualities unique to Sora / AI that differentiate it from reality, the space between canny and uncanny, the strange details, the dream-like logic of movement that better represents this distorted mirror of memories.

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