Wednesday, January 13, 2021

10 Ideas ágiles que vale la pena compartir (by MIT SDM - System Design & Management)

Hoy os quiero compartir el siguiente vídeo en el que MIT SDM - System Design & Management nos recomiendan 10 ideas ágiles que vale la pena compartir.

Ten Agile Ideas Worth Sharing

Agile development has created a number of very effective practices through implementation largely in the software industry. Today, we are finding ways to adopt some of these agile techniques in other domains. This seminar will review a range of practices from spiral development in time-boxed sprints to various hybrids of agile combined with staged processes. With an eye toward application outside the realm of software, we will discuss how these techniques may be appropriately adjusted to suit specific development challenges. Of particular interest to the SDM community will be scaling agile processes to handle the planning and coordination demands of complex system development.

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