Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Top 10 Tendencias en Tecnolog'ia a seguir en 2020 (by Toolbox)

Vía el artículo de ToolBox Tech titulado Top 20 Technology Trends to Watch in 2020 (by ToolBox) os muestro a continuación las principales tendencias tecnológicas a tener en cuenta durante este año 2020.

1. Artificial Intelligence

  • Talent and Reskilling Is a Top C-level Priority
  • Rise of Intelligent Infrastructure
  • Ethical Use of AI Will Gain Ground
  • AIOps Will Become More Relevant
  • AI Will Continue to Be in Focus

2. Security

  • Data Theft Will Increase Significantly
  • Cybersecurity Threats Will Intensify
  • Browser Exploitation Will Increase
  • Cyber Threat Will Get Real

3. Data Analytics

  • Rise in Conversational Analytics
  • Adaptive Analytics will be used for fraud
  • Accelerated Launch of New Tools for Data Analysis

4. Regulation

  • AI Regulation Will Take Shape
  • Content Regulation Will Become a New Headache for Online Platforms
  • Extended Reality, 5G Networks and AI as-a-service Will be on the Peak

6. Automation

  • Tech Leaders Will Adopt Intelligent Automation

7. Edge Computing

  • Edge Computing Will Get More Advanced

8. Internet of Things Trends 2020

  • The IoT revolution will finally strike

9. Quantum Computing

  • Quantum Computing Will Hit the Stride

10. Networking

  • Advanced Networking Will Make Digital Transformation Possible

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