Saturday, April 08, 2017

TED: Creatividad - ¿Dónde sucede la magia? (by Amaia Arrazola)

Para la charla TED de este sábado, os muestro una titulada Creatividad: ¿Dónde sucede la magia? o Creativity: Where does the magic happen? de Amaia Arrazola

Creativity: Where does the magic happen? | Amaia Arrazola | TEDxYouth@Barcelona

It’s not uncommon to hear someone say that Creativity is innate or instinctive in certain people. Being creative is often considered in the same category as being “funny” or “talented”. However it’s strange that when you live it, you realize that it is much more of a human process than a divine one. Like anything human, it’s complicated; but creativity can be worked on, trained and improved.

Amaia Arrazola has a Degree in Advertising and Public Relations for the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and a Master Degree in Communication Design and Editorial Projects for Elisava School of Design.

Amaia started her professional career in advertising, working for McCann Erickson Madrid for a couple of years. At 26 she decided to move to Barcelona and have a fresh start. She loves drawing, graphic design, typography, ceramics, embroidery, children’s stories, old stuff, weird stuff, UFOs, unicorns, the yeti, the color pink, the color purple, constellations, the right side of the bed, pizza, hamburgers, milkshakes and koalas. She has an imaginary dog.

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