Thursday, November 11, 2021

Cómo crear una infografía 5/5 (by Visme)

En este último posts de los 5 sobre ¿cómo crear tu propia infografía?, os muestro un vídeo que explica cómo crear gráficos persuasivos...

How to Create an Infographic - Part5: How to Create Persuasive Charts and Graphs (by Visme)

Moving on to Episode 5 where I dig into the types and process of visualizing your data to create persuasive charts and graphs for infographics.

Last episode I showed you how to design, choose colors and how to frame your infographics. now we get into data visualization with Charts & Graphs.
Topics I cover in this episode include:
- Resisting the urge to immediately choose a chart
- The four types of charts
- Consulting for context before you start creating charts
- Who is your audience?
- What do you want your audience to know?
- What setting can the charts be used in?
- How can you use your data to make a point?
- Defining the focus of the graphic and story you want to tell.
- State your unique point of view
- Define what is at stake
- Using physical markers, pencils and paper to story board your idea
- Refine your chart by decluttering
- Limiting use of colors in charts
- Staying away from chart gridlines and borders
- Limiting eye movement from one end of the chart to another

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