Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Cómo crear una infografía 1/5 (by Visme)

Hoy os traigo la primera entrega de un total de cinco que trata de explicar Cómo crear una infografía...

How to Create an Infographic - Part 1: What Makes a Good Infographic?

This is Part I of the Beginner's Guide to Creating Shareable Infographics, where I show you what makes a good infographic by providing you real life examples and how each tells a story, are well structures and add practical value, hence making them highly shareable and engaging to the viewer.
This video series is based on the free eBook that will help you understand and create better Infographics: blog.visme.co/how-to-make-an-infographic/

Mañana la segunda parte...

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