Sunday, April 25, 2021

Vídeo: The Lost City in the Amazon rainforest - La ciudad perdida en la selva amazónica (O'Hanlon's Heroes by VPRO)

Hoy os muestro a continuación un interesante vídeo documental de VPRO que lleva por título "The Lost City in the Amazon rainforest" - La ciudad perdida en la selva amazónica:

The Lost City in the Amazon rainforest | O'Hanlon's Heroes | VPRO Documentary

O'Hanlon travels in the footsteps explorer Percy Fawcett (1867 - 1925). Fawcett is a British explorer. At the request of the Bolivian government, he carried out land measurements in the border area of Bolivia and Brazil. He investigated the architecture of the Incas and went on an expedition to a so-called hidden city deep in the Amazon. He never returned.

We are about to travel to a pristine piece of nature: the Amazon rainforest. There, where Redmond lives up and where his hero Percy Fawcett in 1925 led him, along with his son, in search of a lost city in the middle of the jungle. The British Fawcett had read about this in an old manuscript. In it, a Portuguese explorer wrote in 1753 about a city with gold and silver mines in the middle of the Amazon, an El Dorado.

The details of the city are described in detail, unfortunately the exact location is not. Fawcett and his son searched but never returned from the expedition. There was not even a trace left of them. The irony of being an explorer who has not discovered anything. Or he has discovered something but has never been able to document it. Our curiosity has in any case been triggered by it and we are about to dive into the Amazon region.

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