miércoles, noviembre 20, 2019

7 Puntos a tener en cuenta al escoger proveedor servicios colocation

Según el artículo titulado Hybridization of the enterprise compute infrastructure en DatacenterDynamics.com, hay 7 cosideraciones a realizar al escoger proveedor de servicios de colocation:

7 DCIM considerations when choosing a colocation provider:

  1. Is the location easily accessible to servicing vendors and employee access, as well as are there costs and risks driven by environmental conditions?
  2. Are the power supply and costs reliable?
  3. Is there appropriate cooling and PUE management to keep costs consistent and predictable while reducing overheating risks?
  4. Does the host use Data Center Infrastructure Management tools, and can you interface with them to monitor and manage your environment?
  5. Is there adequate physical security and reliable audit trail documentation?
  6. Is there a comprehensive and integrated workload and workflow system in place?
  7. Is the colocation vendor’s Service Level Agreement in alignment with the tier requirements of the applications placed there, and are they transparent regarding SLA performance?

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