Thursday, December 29, 2022

Vídeo recopilatorio Google — Year in Search 2022 (by Google en Youtube) #Google #Youtube #search #year2022 #año2022 #tendencias

Después de dos posts para hablar de las tendencias capturadas por Google en las búsquedas de los usuarios de su portal buscador, hoy os muestro el vídeo recopilatorio Google — Year in Search 2022 que ha colgado Google en Youtube:

Google — Year in Search 2022

This year, the world searched “can i change” more than ever before. From changing careers to seeking new outlooks on life, people are finding ways to reimagine themselves and reshape the world around them. Explore more trends from the year at


Creative + Production + Editorial: Google Brand Studio
Music & Sound Design: Marcel Neumann
Color: Rick Wilson
Finish: Chapeau Studios
Motion Graphics: Meister
Music: Artists: 2WEI, NYMA, HONAS Title: Once in a lifetime, additional vocals by Kate O‘Connor

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