Monday, April 14, 2014

Rituales de Kumar Pallana (by Dark Rye)

Los rituales de Kumar Pallana es un curioso vídeo que encontré en Vimeo que quiero compartir con los lectores de este blog, con todos vosotros.

The Rituals of Kumar Pallana (by Dark Rye)

Plate Spinner, Acrobat, Yoga Instructor...Movie Star.

Granted, there might be a few things that he can't do, but this much is certain: Kumar Pallana can do an awful lot of things, and he's really, really cool. The guy can juggle, spin plates and do a handstand on a chair that's balanced on some bottles. He knows a bunch of yoga moves and he's always showing up in Wes Anderson movies. Plus he makes a mean cup of chai, counts beads and meditates. "Without the concentration, you cannot do nothing," he says. "My soul is my guru; my experience is my guru."

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