domingo, junio 02, 2024

TED-Ed: ¿Por qué es El Grito tan famoso? (by Noah Charney)

En el vídeo que os propongo hoy de TED-Ed Lessons Worth Sharing, un tal Noah Charney nos propone cono ver ¿Por qué es El Grito tan famoso? o Why is the Scream so famous?...

TED-Ed: This person isn't actually screaming - Noah Charney

Explore Edvard Munch’s masterpiece “The Scream,” and find out why this artwork became one of the world’s most famous paintings. An undulating sky melds into the landscape, two silhouettes move along a balustraded walkway, and a ghostly figure’s features extend in agony. Since Norwegian artist Edvard Munch created "The Scream" in 1893, it’s become one of the world’s most famous artworks. But why has its cry traveled so far and endured so long? Noah Charney shares the inspiration behind the dramatic and haunting masterpiece. Lesson by Noah Charney, directed by Martina Meštrović. Support Our Non-Profit Mission ---------------------------------------------- Support us on Patreon: Check out our merch: ---------------------------------------------- Connect With Us ---------------------------------------------- Sign up for our newsletter: Follow us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter: Peep us on Instagram: ---------------------------------------------- Keep Learning ---------------------------------------------- View full lesson: Dig deeper with additional resources: Animator's website: ----------------------------------------------

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