Saturday, November 05, 2016

TED: Com la tecnologia ens farà lliures (by Gina Tost - TEDxReus)

Avui us porto un TED que va realitzar Gina Tost en el TED x Reus amb el títol Com la tecnologia ens farà lliures o How technology will make us free

How technology will make us free | Gina Tost | TEDxReus

Science, through observation and experience, has allowed us to discover the unchangeable laws of nature. With each discovery, our knowledge about ourselves and our surroundings grows. Is technology, disciple of science and knowledge, able to alter said unchangeable laws of nature? Can it substitute knowledge?

La ciència, a través de l’observació i de l’experiència, ens permet descobrir les lleis inalterables que regeixen la naturalesa. Cada descobriment alimenta el nostre coneixement sobre nosaltres mateixos i sobre el nostre entorn. Pot la tecnologia, filla de la ciència i del coneixement, alterar aquestes lleis inalterables de la naturalesa? Pot substituir el coneixement?

Gina Tost was born in Barcelona in 1985 and studied Electronical Art and Digital Design. She is a digital communicator and collaborates with several University Masters. She has worked in many radio and TV shows both at a national and international level (Japan and Mexico). Gina herself points out that she had always wanted to be a dolphin caretaker until she realized that everything leads to the world of communication. She is an expert on videogames, technology and culture and collaborated regularly with Diari Aram Expansión and El Periódico. Tost is the co-author, together with Oriol Boira, of the book Vida Extra: els videojocs com no els has vist mai – Ed. Columna.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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