Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Increased security at UK airports

The last time when I went to London (London Trip - Returns to Barcelona form Stansted airport), there were too many baggage security controls. On that post I want to tell you what type of changes are there during the Increased security at UK airports:

"In response to an increased security threat we need to take extra precautions. Only one ite, of hand baggage is permitted. This must not exceed the dimensions overleaf, or contain any prohibited items. This is what you need to do:

Before you check in:
-Read the information overleaf
-Ensure your hand baggage does not exceed the specified dimensions
-Remove any prohibited items from hand baggage
-Prohibited items may be placed in baggage to be checked in (except for lighters which must be disposed of)
-Take liquid prescription medication, under 50ml, to an airport pharmacist to get permission to carry on board (liquid medicines in containers over 50ml are not allowed in hand baggage).

When you check in:
-Check in hold baggage including any oversized hand baggage items
-Go to security

Entering security:
-Show your ticket, e-ticket print-out, boarding pass
-If your hand baggage exceeds specified dimensions you will be asked yo return to Check-in or dispose of it
-You will be asked to sample baby milk and liquid baby food in the presence of the security officer
-Present liquid prescription medicines for inspection with permission to carry on board

Queuing for x-ray
-Join queue for security screening
-Remove your laptop and any electronic items from bag
-Remove bulky coats
-Remove shoes only if required to do so by security

At the x-ray
-Empty pockets and place contents in tray with laptop and any electronic items (items must not overlap)
-Proceed through archway metal detector
-Undergo search by staff
-Collect your items
-Proceed to the lounge/gate

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