Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hoverboard 4/5

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En Septiembre de 2015, el proyecto Hoverboard dio a luz después de que se tratara de un prototipo con financiación vía Kickstarter para que pudiera salir adelante.

The Hoverboard is Here! | HOVERBOARD | #RideTheExperience

The Hoverboard is here! The Power That Moves You.

ABOUT Hoverboard: What if you could step outside the door and glide to your destination with ease? What if every errand or commute were a joyride? What if you could strip away everything weighing you down and experience the effortless sensation of flight?

After years of work in our laboratories, Hoverboard Technologies’ engineers have perfected a design that transports the future of personal mobility to the present. Minimalistic, efficient and intuitively engineered to respond to subtle shifts in body weight, the Hoverboard’s innovative design becomes an extension of the rider. Precision sensors create a floating feeling as you surf the pavement, zoom up and down hills or just cruise with the wind in your face and your mind on other things. With the Hoverboard, each trip is as thrilling as you want to make it.

A new era of electric personal transport is here. Join the Hoverboard movement toward clean, individualized mobility for a new generation. Now boarding…

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