Thursday, March 26, 2015

Experimento 11: cremalleras crean bolsos

Vía el canal de Youtube de Grand Illusions, hoy os muestro no tanto un experimento sino una realidad de cremalleras que creaban bolsos o bolsas de todo tipo y que se comercializa en Japón desde 1984. Se trata de las Zip Bags

Zip Bags from Japan (by Grand Illusions)

Tim bought these Japanese Zip Bags back in 1984, and as well as being fun, they are an interesting example of topology! Essentially a long strip of tough fabric with an attached zip, when you do the zip up, it becomes a useful bag. Depending on the distance from the start of the zip to the end of the strip, 4 different shapes of bag are possible. In addition, you can even combine 2 strips, to make a bigger bag.

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