Monday, November 06, 2017

Residencia digital en Estonia 2/4

Vía Here’s how you can create an EU company with EU banking (anywhere on Earth) os muestro a continuación el proceso a seguir para conseguir la residencia digital en Estonia...

— Who is e-Residency for?
— Is e-Residency a loophole?

Step 1: Apply for e-Residency
 — Why does Estonia offer e-Residency?

Step 2: Start a limited company through the e-Residency programme
 — Special offers

Step 3: Open an EU IBAN account connected to your limited company
— The ‘traditional’ banks
— The fintech firms

Step 4: Conduct business globally
— Comply with regulations
— Paying taxes
— Paying share capital
— Make and receive payments globally (including through PayPal)

Good luck!
— Further resources

Y ahora un vídeo en el que el Gobierno de Estonia explica qué es la e-Residencia en Estonia:

What is e-Residency?

The first of three videos explaining e-Residency in Estonia.
Find out how you can use e-Residency to start and manage a global EU business entirely online.
Apply for e-Residency:

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