Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Top 10 airports per passengers

Some days ago I was flying with Spanair flight, and I red an interesting article about airports in Spanorama. That free newspaper is a free copy provided on board by Spanair.

The article was about The World's most modern airports: Over the last decade, renowed architects have designed expansion projects for airportd all over the world.
For instance there are the following relevant airports by architecture:
-Oslo airport in Gardemoen was opened in 1998 and is 50km to the North of capital
-Dubai, with a population of 1.2 million, is famous for its airport designed Horten & Lee associates and Hotel Burj Al Arab
-Shangai: 13km to the South West of the city, the spectaculary modern Hongqiao Airport is linked to the city by the fastest train in the world.
-Bilbao airport was designed by Calatrava, it has one terminal with 8 airliners, a range of services and a green area, the side wings facilitate future expansion.
-Hong Kong has a new chek lap Kok Airport with 78 gates and a passenger capacity of 35 million
-Zurich airport has just opened a new terminal with its futuristic boarding area made out of glass and cement and several other changes made to the surroundings.

But, the Top 10 of the airports with the highest numbers of passengers is the following (using data from year 2004):

1.ATLANTA (USA): 79.086.792
2.CHICAGO (USA): 69.354.154
3.LONDON (UK): 63.468.620
4.TOKYO (JAPAN): 63.172.925
5.LOS ANGELES (USA): 54.969.053
6.DALLAS/FT WORTH (USA): 53.243.061
7.FRANKFURT (GERMANY): 43.351.664
8.PARIS (FRANCE): 48.122.038
10.DENVER (USA): 37.462.428

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