Saturday, July 19, 2014

Field Trip on Google Glass

Viene del post Field Trip en Emeshing.

Como continuación del post de hace unos días, hoy vamos a ver la evolución de Field Trip App con las gafas Google Glass. En concreto lo podéis encontrar en Field Trip on Glass:

Para ver la aplicación de Field Trip App con Google Glass han realizado el siguiente vídeo:

Field Trip on Glass

Heads up! Your city is trying to tell you something.

The history, architecture, insider tips and hidden gems from over 100 local publisher partners come to life. Right before your eyes - Field Trip for iPhone, Android, and now Glass.

Field Trip is your guide to the cool, hidden and unique things in the world around you. Discover the world's fascinating stories and local treasures with Field Trip on Google Glass. Stay "heads up" as you explore and let Field Trip be your ultimate guide to local history, insider finds, design, architecture and more. Field Trip channels the best of hundreds of hyper-local experts and trendsetting publications to help reveal the hidden gems around you.

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