Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Robot con aspecto humano / androide - Unitree H1 by Unitree Robotics #unitree #humanoid #humanoide #androide

A continuación quiero presentaros el Unitree H1 by Unitree Robotics, un robot con aspecto humano...

Introducing Unitree H1: Its First General-purpose Humanoid Robot| Embodied AI Price below $90k

The preview of half-a-year achievement
The highest-power-performance robot of its counterparts with similar specifications in the world, weighing about 47Kg, with a maximum joint torque of 360N.m.
Unitree Robotics provide the best humanoid robot at the best price.

It's been a dream for 13 years.
Xingxing Wang, the Founder of Unitree Robotics, independently developed his first robot, a simple bipedal robot, in the winter break of the first year of university in early 2010
“Many of the details of that time are still fresh in my mind, but in the blink of an eye, it's been 13 years!”;
Thanks to the efforts of Unitree's colleagues, it took half a year to cast the universal humanoid robot H1.

For more product information, please contact us through our official website: https://www.unitree.com/en/h1

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