Thursday, August 20, 2015

Powerstation Cooling Towers Demoliton in Didcot

Vía el artículo Demolicions a vista de drons (by os muestro un vídeo grabado por un dron dónde se filmó la demolición de dos torres de una estación eléctrica en la ciudad de Didcot en UK el 27/7/2014:

Didcot Demolition - Powerstation Cooling Towers Demoliton July 2014 - Aerial / Drone Footage

Didcot A cooling towers being demolished by explosive charges on July 27th 2014. This is my edited version for the raw footage

The cooling towers weighing in at 36 THOUSAND TONNES were brought to the ground by 180kg of carefully placed (and of course timed) high explosives.

I apologise for the grainy video, the light levels were very low at 5am and obviously we had to keep a good distance from the towers for safety reasons.

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