Monday, November 03, 2014

Flipboard tercera generación

Hoy quiero recomendar la visión del siguiente vídeo, en el que el CEO de Flipboard, un tal Mike McCue, explica las novedades en la tercera generación de la aplicación esencial para iPads y tabletas llamada Flipboard Introducing the Third Generation of Flipboard

Flipboard CEO Mike McCue walks you through the latest edition of the app.

Introducing the third generation of Flipboard. With a beautiful new design for iPhone and Android phones, interest-based recommendations and greater depth of content, it’s our biggest release yet.

We’ve added over 30,000 topics to read and follow, so you can quickly create a highly personalized experience filled with all the things you care about. We’re also introducing The Daily Edition, a hand-curated news magazine updated every morning. Give it a flip!

Get the app for your Android phone or iPhone at

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