Saturday, November 12, 2016

TEDxGalicia - La Sociedad Digital (by Genís Roca)

Hoy os recomiendo la siguiente charla titulada "La Sociedad Digital" que realizó Genís Roca en el TED x Galicia de 2012.

TEDxGalicia - Genis Roca - La sociedad digital

About this TEDxTalk
Genis talks with us about the deep issues of this digital society. Those questions which go beyond the actual state of the art or the newest gadget or the most useful Internet. Going through the differential questions on this digital revolution we are living, Genis shows us a path that is coming and which we'll walk even if we don't want to.

About Genis Roca
Genís Roca, (Girona, 1966) is a recognised speaker and popular specialist in Internet and how the digital and networking is altering our personal reality and professional and business as well.

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