Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Documental: Terms and Conditions May Apply

Hace unas semanas me recomendaron este reportaje titulado Terms and Conditions May Apply. Se trata de un documental en el que Cullen Hoback muestra la cantidad de cláusulas que firmamos cada vez que accedemos a servicios web que teóricamente son gratis. Centenares de páginas en las que aceptamos que los gigantes de Internet lo sepan todo de nosotros...

Terms and Conditions May Apply Documentary with Cullen Hoback

TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY is the documentary looking closer at the small print that accompanies user agreements, and how these contracts are used to manipulate users into signing away their rights. We look at the film, plus its trailer, and get the story behind the production with director Cullen Hoback in this BYOD full length episode.

Cullen Hoback grew up on the outskirts of Los Angeles, and when he was 17 he started his own public access late night TV show, but was kicked off the air after making a series of social statements that drew angry phone calls from locals. Trying to bring light to strange and unfamiliar topics became a common theme for Hoback. Throughout college he produced multiple short films, as well as a feature when digital cameras first became available.

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