Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mejores canastas sobre bocina - NBA playoffs 2013-2014

En el post de hoy, para ir pasando el mono de baloncesto, qué os parece si vemos las mejores canastas sobre la bocina o Buzzer Beaters durante los NBA Playoffs de esta temporada 2014-2014:

Best Taco Bell Buzzer Beaters of the 2013-14 Playoffs

The Buzzer Beater. The most exciting play in basketball. It's the pinnacle of action where everything comes down to one very Live Más moment. Now Taco Bell is bringing the action to you! Check out the Top 10 Taco Bell Buzzers to relive these Live Más moments all over again. Fans helped determine the order by liking their favourite buzzer beater.

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