Sunday, January 27, 2013

Plaster - Boogéré (by Departement)

Interesante vídeo de Vimeo titulado Plaster - Boogéré

Plaster - Boogéré - Starring LAZYLEGZ - Official

A continuación toda la información del vídeo:

Plaster - Boogéré - Starring LAZYLEGZ - Official
from Departement

The Boogerre video is a serenade, in the classical sense of the term. Lucas is not a prince or a disillusioned lover, he is a knight. He is anonymous, romantic and exceptional.
The film is anchored in a classic and romantic iconography of "Romeo and Juliet" and musicals such as "Singing in the rain" or "West Side Story", while being treated in a contemporary, radical and very refined way.

Jean-Phi Goncalves, Alex Mcmahon, François Plante
Track / Chanson : BOOGGÉRÉ feat. D Shade
Maison de Disques / Label : AVALANCHE

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