Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Quote: Never outsource the future of your company (from "How Will You Measure Your Life?" by James Allworth, Karen Dillon, Clayton Christensen)

 A continuación una interesante quote/anécdota del libro How Will You Measure Your Life? 

"Never Outsource the Future Like Dell, companies in the pharmaceutical, automobile, oil, information technology, semiconductor, and many other industries have increasingly pursued outsourcing without considering the importance of future capabilities. They are encouraged to do this by financiers, consultants, and academics—they see how quickly and easily they can reap the benefits of outsourcing, and don’t see the cost of losing the capabilities that they forgo in doing so. They risk creating their own version of Asus.


"Resources are what he uses to do it, processes are how he does it, and priorities are why he does it."

from "How Will You Measure Your Life? (English Edition)" by James Allworth, Karen Dillon, Clayton Christensen

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