Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Global Mobile Trends - Predictions for the next 10 years (by GSMA Intelligence)

Hoy quiero hacerme eco de las predicciones publicadas por GSMA Intelligence en el informe Global Mobile Trends - Predictions for the next 10 years

5 years by 2025

1 One of the GAFA companies is broken up

2 AR eye glasses reach the mass market with a form factor from at least one global OEM

3 5G becomes the first generation in the history of mobile to have a bigger impact on enterprise than consumers

4 Private enterprise networks explode and become competition battleground between telcos and cloud companies

5 Health wearables become part of the solution to overpressed public health systems. Over 50% of people in high income countries aged 55+ own a connected health device prescribed by their doctor (2019 = 5%)

10 years by 2030

1 The world’s first autonomous mobile network becomes commercially active

2 Global internet penetration inflects to reach 90% (2019 = 50%)

3 Data hubs established to facilitate public access to commercial IoT data

4 China becomes world’s largest mobile market by revenue (US = $247bn, China = $163bn in 2018)

5 Autonomous vehicles take hold. 35% of annual new car sales in the US are Level 4 by 2030

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