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NestPick es una start-up que creó Fabian Dudek en 2014 en Rotterdam (Holanda). El objetivo de NestPick es el de resolver el problema que supone alquilar un piso casi de forma inmediata (48 horas) y flexibilizando los tiempos de estancia.

NestPick - it's your world - pick your next home, live anywhere

El catálogo de NestPick lo componen más de 20.000 nidos en más de 30 ciudades, que vienen a ser habitaciones, estudios, o pisos enteros. Además en la web aseguran un 82% de matching rate:

El proceso de Nestpick es muy sencillo:
1. Find a nest - buscas un nido
2. Request to book - solicitas una reserva
3. Make the move - te mudas al nuevo lugar (previa confirmación en un plazo máximo de 48 horas).

Las ciudades que se incluyen actualmente en NestPick son: London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Roma, Dublin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Viena, Sydney, Zaragoza, Salamanca, Granada, Valencia, Sevilla...

Desde el punto de vista de los propietarios de las casas o Landlords, el servicio es totalmente gratis y aseguran rapidez, facilidad, y eficiencia...

Por ejemplo, si buscamos casas o habitaciones de alquiler en Barcelona, nos sale lo siguiente:

A continuación os dejo con el proceso detallado para realizar una reserva de un alquiler en :

How To Make A Booking
Exciting news that you are considering a booking!
Here's how you can rent out a property:

1. Using the city, move in and out, map and price filters, find your ideal next home

2. Click 'Book now' and create your profile. The more information you can give the better!

The landlord is looking to find out as much as possible about you, and complete profiles have a better chance of being accepted. Here are some things to include:
- Your age, nationality and gender
- The purpose of moving to the city: are you going for study, work, or a life changing experience? Include your profession or field of work
- Some personal things about yourself: do you smoke, your hobbies etc
- Something about your history of renting: have you rented before, do you clean, would you consider extending the rental period if all went well
The more information you put, the higher your chances of being accepted.

3. Hit 'Accept & Continue to Payment', where you will then pay up front the deposit amount on the listing, and our one time booking fee.
Once you complete checkout and see a 48 hour count down clock, your application is complete, and forwarded to the landlord for their consideration.

4. The landlord then receives your application by email, and decides whether or not you are a good fit for their property.
5. If they accept, you and the landlord will be sent each other's details.
It's then up to you both to arrange the contract, sign the contract, and arrange key pick up and a good place and time to meet when you arrive in the city. Nestpick does not facilitate these.

6. Unfortunately sometimes applications don't match landlord circumstances.
If that happens and your booking is declined, you will be automatically refunded your deposit and booking fee so that you can make another booking.
A member of our Happiness team will also get in touch and try to find you a replacement.

7. Once you move into the property, you have forty eight hours to check everything is OK before the deposit is forwarded to the landlord.

Más información sobre Nestpick:
nestpick was created to solve a problem. It started when founder and CEO Fabian Dudek struggled when looking for accommodation while studying. Launched in 2014 in Rotterdam, nestpick initially started as a small portal connecting tenants with landlords through mid to long-term contracts. As the platform gained momentum and expanded to other cities, nestpick packed its bags, moved to Berlin and welcomed Patricia Moubarak onboard as co-founder.

These days, nestpick is continually growing to include new destinations and a diverse choice of nests. Be it a cosy private room in a shared student flat, a modern studio or a spacious apartment, nestpick matches nest providers with anyone from students to expats and young professionals. Big moves become little ones and little moves get even easier. Traditional tensions between landlords and tenants turn into long-lasting relationships built on pleasant experiences.

With a transparent platform, dedicated Happiness Team and a thorough verification system, nestpick sets a new standard for connecting globally minded, nomadic tenants with local landlords.

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