Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Dron DJI Phantom 3 3/5

Siguiendo con los vídeos grabados con el dron DJI Phantom3, el último de os cuales lo podéis ver en el post Dron DJI Phantom 3 2/5 (en, hoy os muestro otro de los increíbles vídeos grabados con el sistema 4K de este dron:

Lying dormant for over one hundred years, the Bardarbunga volcano has recently surged back to life. An open wound in the center of Iceland, the Holuhran fissure opened up in 2014 and continues to roil and cook the molten rock inside of its magma reservoirs. Our Phantom 3 does the near-impossible and travels the length of the goliath lava vent to get some of the most stunning video ever seen.

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