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Nuevo chip SoC Apple M1 2/3 #Apple #MacBookAir #MacBookPro #MacMini #chip #AppleM1

Siguiendo el post de ayer, vamos a continuar repasando las características del nuevo procesador SoC Apple M1 que viene a sustituir en los ordenadores de la manzana a los típicos Intel Inside...

Four high‑performance cores
M1 features four performance cores, each designed to run a single task as efficiently as possible while maximizing performance. Our high‑performance core is the world’s fastest CPU core when it comes to low‑power silicon.3 And because M1 has four of them, multithreaded workloads take a huge leap in performance as well.

Four high‑efficiency cores
M1 has four efficiency cores to handle lighter workloads. They use a tenth of the power while still delivering outstanding performance. These e‑cores are the most efficient place to run lightweight tasks, allowing the performance cores to be used for your most demanding workflows.

CPU performance vs. power:

2x faster CPU performance
M1 delivers significantly higher performance at every power level when compared with the very latest PC laptop chip. At just 10 watts (the thermal envelope of a MacBook Air), M1 delivers up to 2x the CPU performance of the PC chip. And M1 can match the peak performance of the PC chip while using just a quarter of the power.

3x higher performance per watt
When we look back at the single‑threaded performance of low‑power silicon in the Mac, gains in performance per watt have been very small from one chip to the next. But when we look at M1, we see a massive 3x improvement in performance per watt.

The world’s fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer:
Typically, PCs have to use a discrete chip to get great graphics performance — which consumes a lot of power. But M1 is different. Its integrated graphics bring the best of both worlds — a huge increase in graphics performance together with low power consumption. The result of years of thorough analysis of Mac applications, the GPU in M1 is the most advanced graphics processor we’ve ever built. With up to eight GPU cores, M1 is capable of executing nearly 25,000 threads at a time. From teraflops to texture bandwidth to fill rate to power efficiency, this GPU is in a class of its own — and brings the world’s fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer.6

GPU performance vs. power 
Apple M1 vs latest PC laptop chip

2x faster graphics performance
At every power level, M1 delivers significantly higher graphics performance than the very latest PC laptop chip — for up to 2x the graphics speed. And M1 can match the peak performance of the PC chip while using just a third of the power.

The next generation of machine learning:
M1 features our latest Neural Engine. Its 16‑core design is capable of executing a massive 11 trillion operations per second. In fact, with a powerful 8‑core GPU, machine learning accelerators, and the Neural Engine, the entire M1 chip is designed to excel at machine learning. Final Cut Pro can intelligently frame a clip in a fraction of the time. Pixelmator Pro can magically increase sharpness and detail at incredible speeds. And every app with ML‑powered features benefits from performance never before seen on Mac.

Serious performance. Ridiculous battery life:
M1 extends battery life even while bringing a massive increase in performance. But the chip itself is only part of this incredible power efficiency story. macOS Big Sur features advanced power management that intelligently allocates tasks between the M1 performance and efficiency cores — automatically optimizing for lightweight tasks like reading a note or performance‑intensive tasks like playing the latest game. The result is the best battery life ever on a Mac.

An OS made for M1, down to its core.
macOS Big Sur is engineered to take full advantage of all the capability and power of the M1 chip — making everything you love about macOS faster, better, and more secure. It’s our most powerful software ever, running on our most advanced hardware yet.

Si os parece bien, mañana acabamos de ver cómo han quedado configurados los nuevos Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro y Mac Mini con el chip Apple M1 así como con una comparativa de precios...

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