Friday, June 26, 2020

Concierto Radiohead - Live at Bonnaroo (June 2006) #StayHome #WithMe

Hoy os muestro uno de los conciertos que la banda británica Radiohead subió a Internet con motivo de su campaña #StayHome #WithMe para aligerar el confinamiento de muchos de sus seguidores en todo el mundo debido a la pandemia del COVID19:

Radiohead - Live at Bonnaroo (June 2006) #StayHome #WithMe

Recorded at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, TN on the 17th of June 2006 Footage courtesy of Bonnaroo Setlist: 00:00:19 There There 00:05:50 2+2=5 00:09:41 15 Step 00:14:31 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 00:18:56 Exit Music (For a Film) 00:23:41 Kid A 00:27:29 Dollars & Cents 00:32:45 Videotape 00:37:44 No Surprises 00:41:59 Paranoid Android 00:48:18 The Gloaming 00:52:00 The National Anthem 00:57:43 Climbing Up The Walls 01:01:23 Nude 01:06:18 Street Spirit (Fade Out) 01:11:04 The Bends 01:15:34 Myxomatosis 01:19:36 How To Disappear Completely 01:27:35 You And Whose Army? 01:31:03 Pyramid Song 01:35:58 Like Spinning Plates 01:39:22 Fake Plastic Trees 01:44:41 Bodysnatchers 01:49:49 Lucky 01:54:10 Idioteque 01:59:12 Karma Police 02:04:47 House of Cards 02:10:38 Everything In Its Right Place Directed by Danny Clinch Live Sound: Jim Warren Music Editor: Graeme Stewart Produced by Superfly Presents

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