Thursday, December 12, 2019

Tendencias en Salud e Innovación Médica (by WIPO)

A continuación os quiero mostrar otro apartado del interesante estudio Global Innovation Index 2019 - Creating Healthy Lives—The Future of Medical Innovation publicado por WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) con infinidad de datos relevantes.

En esta ocasión quiero comentar el apartado titulado Trends in Healthcare and Medical Innovation, es decir Tendencias en Salud e Innovación Médica

Drivers of innovation:
1. An information revolution is taking place globally.
2. The healthcare industry is gathering all the ingredients to succeed with artificial intelligence (AI)
3. Deeper understanding of science is enabling more targeted treatments.
4. Consumerism is on the rise
5. Healthcare’s traditional business models are evolving.

Current innovations in the four steps to a healthy planet

The four elements of the healthcare delivery system will impact the developed and developing worlds differently

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