Friday, December 20, 2019

Nueva Agenda Tecnológica del CEO (by McKinsey)

Vía el artículo The CEO’s new technology agenda (by McKinsey) os quiero mostrar alguna información interesante de la denominada "Nueva Agenda Tecnológica del CEO"

10 Questions can help CEOs determine whether their companies' IT functions possess the qualities that makes IT effective:

What the CEO should ask to accelerate technology transformation:

1. How are we making key technology decisions at all levels of the company?
2. How do we track and maximize the value produced by our major technology investments?
3. How often do our tech teams seek input from users?
4. Have we placed high-caliber engineers in IT roles that contribute the most value to the company?
5. How many projects has IT shut down because they weren't providing value?
6. How long does it take for our company to deploy new applications?
7. Which of our IT campabilities do vendors provide and why?
8. How much customer development work goes into building now IT solutions?
9. What % of business decisions are we making with help from AI?
10. For our developers is cybersecurity a hindrance?

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