Monday, December 02, 2019

5 Tendencias del Futuro del Mobil (by GSMA Intelligence)

Vía la publicación Global Mobile Trends 2020 New decade, new industry? (by GSMA Intelligence) os muestro a continuación algunas de las tendencias observadas en el sector del Mobil.

En la primera parte de la presentación se encuentra The Big 5: Trends shaping the future of mobile and TMT

1.Telco efforts are intensifying to drive growth in digital

Revenue growth for the World's biggest telcos:

2. Smartphones continue their inexorable rise in the developing world

Global installed base on mobile operator networks:

3. New platform wars on the horizon centre on AI and immersive reality

4. Network innovation has never been greater as we enter the 5G era

New types of network, new types of network operator:

5. The US and China pull away as the two global tech powerhouses

US and China: share of... population, nominal GDP, 5G capex, 5G connections, AI patents

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