Friday, September 07, 2018

Longview and J.A.R. (by Green Day - Live in Oakland)

El vídeo musical de este viernes corresponde al concierto de Green Day en 2016 en Live in Oakland:

Green Day - Longview and J.A.R. – Live in Oakland

Green Day - Longview and J.A.R. – Oakland, Live, 12-10-16, 1st row, Oracle Arena. Billie Joe: You fu*king rule kid. You get to keep that guitar! ~8:20 (The look on the kid's face! lol)

Other Tidbits:

2nd Night of Live 105's sold-out Not so Silent Night. Everybody waiting in line got heavily rained on from ~9am to 3pm while they lined up early for the show :P Many fans recognized each other from previous shows. One of us (who was also the 2nd person in line!) even got called up to join the band on stage for ‘Know Your Enemy’!

For ‘Longview’, Billie invited a young fan to play and sing with them. After the end, the kid asked Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt if he could play another song. After listing a few he knew, he then choose ‘J.A.R.’ Afterwards, Billie was so impressed that he let the kid keep the guitar, which pleasantly shocked him and all the fans. The guitar, named 'Buddy', is/was Billie's backup guitar to 'Blue' (!).

Before ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’, Billie Joe paid tribute to the victims of the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland. “What I’ve always loved about the Bay Area is that we have the best freaks and weirdos on the planet. This is our own… this is our people… friends of friends… So my heart goes out to all those people who perished in the warehouse.”

Unlike the October 20th Green Day show we went to at the UC Theatre which ended well after midnight, the Oracle Arena’s curfew was 11:30pm, so there was no encore this time. There was also a lot more crowd surfing this time as well :P We were in the 1st row for that one as well, and the only crowd surfers I remember going over us were the 2 that were invited up on stage, lol, I believe the 1,400 UC Theatre might have been a bit too small for a mosh pit to break out :P

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