Saturday, March 10, 2018

TED: La ciencia oculta en los Simpsons (by Claudio Sánchez)

La charla TED de este sábado se titula The science hidden in The Simpsons o La ciencia oculta en los Simpsons de un tal Claudio Sánchez:

The science hidden in the Simpsons | Claudio Sanchez | TEDxRosario

In this funny talk Claudio Sanchez invites us to watch television with new eyes, and to let curiosity lead to the important scientific lessons hidden in everyday entertainment, like episodes of The Simpsons.

Claudio Sanchez is an industrial engineer with a degree from the University of Buenos Aires. For over thirty years, he has been dedicated to education and promoting science. His work have been featured by various media channels in Argentina and abroad, and he participates as a guest on radio and television shows in Argentina, Uruguay and Spain. His specialty is the relationship between science and other areas of culture such as film, advertising, art and literature.

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