Sunday, September 10, 2017

Transformative Appetite (by Tangible Media Group - MIT Media Lab)

El post de hoy es sobre una curiosa pasta llamada Preti Pasta, diseñada por el Tangible Media Group (MIT Media Lab), que forma parte del Transformative Appetite para crear alimentos que cambian de 2D a 3D cuando entran en contacto con el agua o mientras estan siendo cocinados.

Transformative Appetite (by Tangible Media Group - MIT Media Lab)

Initiated from Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab, Transformative Appetite is our attempt to create shape changing food that transforms from 2D to 3D by hygromorphic interaction through cooking. The transformation process is well compatible with ‘flat packaging’ (this concept can substantially reduce shipping cost), and was achieved through material composite design, hybrid fabrication strategy and shape-stress simulation.

Creators: Prof. Hiroshi Ishii is the supervisor. Wen Wang and Lining Yao are the co-leading authors. Other team members include Teng Zhang, Chin-Yi Cheng and Daniel Levin. This project is supported by Food + Future.

Video production: Lining Yao, concept creation; Michael Indresano Production, video production; Fragmento Universo, sound composition.

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