Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cómo surfear en California y en Islandia en 24 horas? (by WowAir)

Vía el artículo Dude! How to go surfing in California & Iceland in one day (by TravelSkills.com) descubrí el siguiente vídeo donde en el mismo día, una chica consigue surfear en la playa de California y en la nieve de Islandia.

Can you surf in both California & Iceland within 24 hours?

When we’re not flying you cheaply across the Atlantic, we like to do important research. Is it possible to surf in both CALIFORNIA and ICELAND within 24 hours? We teamed up with pro surfer Anastasia Ashley to find out.

Please note that this challenge was done by a world class professional surfer. Do not attempt to surf in Iceland without professional training or guidance. For this project, we relied on expert advice from Adventure Vikings, a specialized travel company in Iceland (http://adventurevikings.is/)

More info: http://wowair.com

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