Thursday, July 13, 2017

Curioso vídeo Apple Park - Minecraft Edition (by Alex Westerlund)

Vía el artículo Nuevo vistazo del Apple Park Minecraft Edition (by os muestro a continuación un curioso vídeo en el que Alex Westerlund ha invertido más de 400 horas para recrear en formato Minecraft la nueva sede central de Apple.

Apple Park (Minecraft Edition) (by Alex Westerlund)

My humble tribute to Apple, I present Apple Park! After 413 hours of work starting in December 2015, it's complete. It began as a simple project, something to do when I binged on Minecraft, but it slowly evolved into a full time mission, with over 166 hours of work put in during the final 30 days of the project. I made it my goal to finish my version before Apple finished theirs, and I think I succeeded.

Project details (+ images):

Music by Andrew Prahlow (song: You and I)

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