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Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions (by Gartner)

Vía el artículo 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions (by Informatica.com) os traigo el resultado del informe de Gartner correspondiente al estudio de las soluciones MDM o Master Data Management Solutions.

El estudio Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions fue publicado en Agosto de 2016 y revisado en Enero 2017 por parte de los analistas de Gartner Bill O'Kane, Terilyn Palanca y Michael Patrick Moran.

En primer lugar hay que tener en cuenta que se consideran soluciones MDM al software que:
  • Support the global identification, linking and synchronization of master data across heterogeneous data sources through semantic reconciliation of master data.
  • Create and manage a central, persisted system of record or index of record for master data.
  • Enable delivery of a single view of one or more subject areas to all stakeholders, in support of various business initiatives.
  • Support ongoing master data stewardship and governance requirements through workflow-based monitoring and corrective-action techniques.

Además las implementaciones de MDM y sus requerimientos varían en relación a las siguientes parámetros:
  • The instantiation of master data, ranging from maintenance of a physical "golden record" to a more virtual, metadata-based, indexing structure.
  • The usage and focus of master data, including use cases for design (information architecture), construction (building the business), operations (running the business) and analytics (reporting the business).
  • Different organizations' structures, ranging from small, centralized teams to global, distributed organizations.
  • The latency and accessibility of master data, ranging from real-time, synchronous reading and writing of master data in a transactional scenario between systems, to message-based, workflow-oriented scenarios involving distributed tasks across an organization, and legacy-style batch interfaces for moving master data in bulk file format.
  • The complexity of the business environment and therefore of the use cases they must satisfy. These require appropriate levels of governance, risk management and control.
  • The physical and logical location of the hub or the source of the golden record, whether on-premises, in memory or in the cloud.

Así pues el resultado del informe originó el siguiente cuadrante mágico de Gartner:

Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions (by Gartner)

De esta forma se clasificaron los productos/empresas en 4 grupos según el Magic Quadrant:

LEADERS: Informatica, Orchestra Networks



NICHE PLAYERS: IBM, TIBCO Software, EnterWorks, Oracle, Magnitude Software

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