Monday, March 27, 2017

Robot capaz de hacer prendas de ropa (by Sewbo)

Vía el artículo The Surprisingly Simple Invention That Allows Robots to Make Clothes (by, os muestro a continuación el sencillo invento con el que los robots pueden fabricar prendas de ropa...

Robot Sewing Demonstration from Sewbo, Inc.

Robot Sewing Demonstration from Sewbo, Inc. from Jon Zornow on Vimeo.

This video demonstrates the world’s first robotically-sewn garment. Many people are surprised to learn that this is the very first time that a robot has been used to sew a piece of clothing. The big hurdle has been that robots can’t reliably handle fabrics. Sewbo figured out how to temporarily stiffen materials, making it easy for industrial robots to assemble clothes. Learn more at

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