Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Atomic - tabla periódica en vídeo (by CCAD)

Vía el artículo Atomic, la tabla periódica en animaciones de 6 segundos por elemento (by os muestro a continuación un curioso vídeo que repasa todos los elementos de la tabla periódica.

Se trata de un trabajo realizado por unos estudiantes de CCAD (Columbus College of Art & Design)

Atomic (from CCAD Illustration)

Students from CCAD's Motion for Illustrators worked together to develop this anthology-style short-film that visualizes elements from the periodic table. Each student animated four 6-second beats that visually explain a single element and a jury selected the most compelling animations for inclusion in this project.

Animation & Concepts:
Daniel Frank, Thomas Chambers, Jenn Doty, Jessica Heitzenrater, Heather Miller, Samantha Pickett, Scott Schaaf, Jessica Wallace, and Cydney Wiedenbeck.
Opening Titles: Scott Schaaf, Marcus Billingsley, Daniel Frank, & Jessica Wallace
End Credits: Daniel Frank, Jessica Wallace, & Cydney Wiedenbeck
Instruction & Editing: Adam Osgood
Music: Donnie Moore & Brian Fox
Thanks to Jury Members: Bekah Nunn, Rebecca Zomchek, and Thom Glick.

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